Love from my Diva Clients

AmyJo is skilled at helping you discover your unique brand of magic. A loving facilitator of creativity and confidence.

I completely adore AmyJo.  We were connected through a friend because we have a similar mission around feminine empowerment, but it wasn’t until I was held in her container as a client that I got to experience her full awesome self. She’s an amazing coach and intuitive guide. What really blew me away was the addition of incredibly effective visualization exercises along with an in-depth discussion to guide me through the discovery process. Her Be Iconic VIP package is a great jumping off point to uncovering and applying your unique brand of magic and creativity – inside and out.


Natalie Baack, Eating Psychology and Self-Love Coach

“Amy Jo has shown me that everything I make is part of a story-  MY story.”

I have the great pleasure of doing what I most love to do  as my business for the past twelve years. When I outgrew one marketplace and stepped into another I hit a plateau and couldn’t figure out how to expand beyond it.

The saying goes that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. That’s exactly when I had the good fortune to meet Amy Jo. She has provided me with the tools I need to vision- and realize- my biggest professional dreams. She has helped me to use my raw creative elements and hone them to a cohesive, recognizable brand. Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful guidance, caring, enjoyable time and expertise!

Judith Altruda, Fine Art Jeweler & Metalsmith



“While working with AmyJo I felt deeply heard and understood.”

I left each session excited about the work ahead. I love the practices she suggested to get me out of the “monkey mind” space, remove myself from the process and let my creative juices flow freely. I am pleased to say I have created conscious space for creativity to happen in my life more often.


Camila Artoni, Author, Transformational Life Coach

“AmyJo listened selflessly and offered sage advice that I needed.”

She helped me in a tough time when I needed an extra hand to guide me to a better perspective on my journey. She offered her wisdom in a gentle and restorative tone. I feel grateful to know her and to have had her help as I reconsidered my personal power.


Catriona Savage, Web/Graphics Designer,  Singer/Songwriter



AmyJo helped me find new ways to come back to being ME.

I’m so much more relaxed with my business. She has opened me up to allowing creativity to show up naturally and spontaneously instead of grasping for it and stressing myself out in the process. I love putting these new concepts into practice and witnessing how it unfolds. Thank you AmyJo!


Shauna Brandes, Birth Doula & Restorative Yoga Teacher


“AmyJo is so easy to talk to!”

She helped me tap into my creativity and also taught me a different creative approach for when I’m stuck or too much in my head. I’m so excited to incorporate the exercises she gives me each session. My business has transformed!


Rhavie Masiglat, Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reader

“I don’t know where I would be today without AmyJo’s support and guidance!”

AmyJo is an excellent coach. She helped me come up with solutions to both my business and personal problems. Through teaching me visualization she helped me see how to logically and spiritually implement my dreams into my life. I feel like I can discuss any topic with her. She has a very comforting way about her.


Jenifer Howell, Massage Therapist & Aesthetician